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Bubbly the scrappy soft owl

Bubbly the scrappy soft owl

Product Information


In many parts of the Western world, owls have been associated with wisdom and prosperity, evident in the frequent use of an owl in the logos of institutions such as universities and libraries. Use your favourite fabric scraps to your own soft little wise owl. He may not necessarily bring wisdom but he will surely bring delight!


Finished Size: Finished Size is 30cm (12 in) tall
  • Wool or Wool Flannel for the FRONT HEAD, BACK BODY and OUTER WINGs measuring 40cm (16 in) x 80cm (32 in)
    1. 6 scrap pieces of fabric measuring 12cm (5 in) x 4cm (2 in)
    2. 3 scrap pieces of fabric measuring 22cm (9 in) x 4cm (2 in)
  • TAIL:
    1. TAIL A: 1 piece of fabric measuring 11cm (4.5 in) x 6cm (2.5 in)
    2. TAIL B: 2 pieces of different fabric each measuring 9cm (4 in) x 6cm (2. 5in) 
  • Sturdy dark coloured Cotton Twill for the BASE measuring 13cm (5.5 in) x 12cm (5 in)
  • Printed Cotton for INNER WINGs measuring 16cm (6.5 in) x 32cm (13 in)
  • Thin Cotton Batting measuring 23cm (9.5 in) x 20cm (8 in)
  • White Wool Felt for EYE PANEL
  • Light Brown Wool Felt for OUTER EYEs
  • Dark Brown Wool Felt for INNER EYEs and UNDER TAILs
  • 1 pair of buttons in colour of your choice for eyes
  • Grey Wool Felt for the BEAK
  • Plastic Pellets
  • Poly-fill stuffing

Price: $AU17.50

Product Code: ORR7

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