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  1. A world of Stationery

    a journey that began in 1965

    This story begins with a dreamer named Akberally Dawoodbhoy. A young connoisseur of fine writing instruments and high quality stationery. Early in 1965, he set out to give shape to his aspirations. One might wonder how love for stationery could transform into a business, but Mr. Dawoodbhoy proved how passion could fuel his drive. Thus, Lanka Traders was born.

  2. Trust & honesty

    Virtues that drive growth

    The late Mr. Dawoodbhoy's teachings to his sons was always about culture and values of business. He often enforced that truth and honesty when dealing with people would be the driver of great business, in turn bringing greater opportunities. These key virtues passed down through the generations have ensured the growth of the company in one of the stiffest competitve markets in Sri Lanka.

  3. Distribution network

    The company's greatest asset

    The greatest testament of the company's success is its seasoned customers, who date all the way back to its preliminary years. The business has passed into it's third generation, and it still retains the customers who have done business with Lanka Traders from its inception. The company continues it's expansion, entertaining new clients with zeal and enthusiasm. Our clients, our friends.

  4. Perpetual Innovation

    Keeping ahead of the competition

    While Lanka Traders has served as an importer, wholesaler and retailer for quality office and school stationery, sporting gear, equipment, accessories and general merchandise for fifty five years, it has now branched into manufacturing it's own high quality, branded stationery products. This metamorphosis will bind together the core values with new product development efforts.


Lanka Traders manufactures and distributes it's own brand of adhesive tapes and office stationery. Get in touch with us to find a partner from our distribution network closest to you.

Looking to the future

Innovating it's business by constantly looking ahead, PothKade was launched as the online arm of Lanka Traders and the leading e-store for stationery in Sri Lanka. Through it's platform, Lanka Traders brings it's customers over a thousand products, tobe shopped at the convenience of home. The products can be browsed through the pothkade app or the website.

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